Snow Fairy Cottage

Fairy Paintings, Botanical Watercolours & Petoskey Stone Paintings by Michigan Artist T.L. Baumhardt​​​

In the Springtime at Snow Fairy Cottage, Violet blossoms pop up just about everywhere...their scent is heavenly. 


Roses and Hollyhocks - a Summertime treat at Snow Fairy Cottage.


A picture of me taken in 2016 at Beatrix Potter's house "Hilltop" located in England's Lake District.  It is a wonderful and most charming little house.  My favorite thing was finding her garden clogs hidden under a chair.  : )

Autumn sunlight on the seasonally decorated cottage window boxes.

Hello and Many Thanks for visiting my website. My name is T, and I am a watercolour artist living and working out of my little old cottage located in Petoskey, Michigan - a quaint little town located on Lake Michigan in the northern region of the lower peninsula. This is a most blessed and wonderful place to live and work because it is filled with so much natural beauty.  I find myself constantly inspired by local flora, fauna and fungi, as well as by a very special local treasure known as the Petoskey stone, which is a kind of fossilized coral that lived here millions of years ago.  I am especially grateful to be able to share these things that inspire me so deeply through the work that I do, and in this way connect with others.

Another passion of mine is Cottage Gardening.  When not painting or tromping through the woodlands, I can most often be found digging, weeding, planting and seed collecting about the cottage.  I also enjoy spending time with family & friends, printmaking, cottage projects, music and baking.

I do hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and I thank you kindly for stopping by.  xx T

Of course we cannot forget Old Man Winter - our longest and most trying season.  All of the flowers are sleeping, but creativity is at its most abundant time inside our snug & cosy little cottage.